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Virus in the form of Executable File

It is known that extension files are very important in the computer system for running a number of programs. There are many programs in the computer that run and download only with the help of these executable files, that cannot be understood by man himself, but the system can understand and execute functions when such files are opened. Some of these files that end with .exe include igfxpers.exe, ipoint.exe, itype.exe, javaw.exe, jp2launcher.exe, jqs.exe, jucheck.exe, mdm.exe, mmc.exe and also mmloaddrv.exe.

.exe files containing viruses

Many times, people notice many .exe files in their folders. This might be a sign of the virus entering your computer. Though if you have a strong antivirus installed in our system, then you do not need to worry, since the antivirus can easily detect such a virus , which stays in the computer, in the form of .exe file, which a person can think is actually useful for the computer. Such viruses can enter the computer by many ways, most of these being through USB. It is best to stay aware of these, and keep aware of the increase in the .exe files. Many oft these are authentic and some are viral. Some authentic executable files are mom.exe, mrt.exe, mscorsvw.exe, msiexec.exe, msmpeng.exe, nbcore.exe, ntkrnlpa.exe, osppsvc.exe, perfmon.exe and nvvsvc.exe.

There are a number of programs, that can be easily downloaded from the internet, and they scan the computer to detect any resent virus in the system. One example is Combo Fix. They can detect any virus hiding in the system as a .exe file, faking the original ones that appear as ping.exe, plfseti.exe, pmb.exe, pmonitor.exe and pnkbstra.exe.

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