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Start up Processes

Why does your computer starts up so slowly in the beginning? The reason is because of the programs and processes that launch and run in the background especially at start up. For this, you need to dig in and find the processes that run in the background when you start up the system. These may include daemonu.exe, df.exe, distnoted.exe, dot1xcfg.exe, driver.exe, dw20.exe, dwm.exe and others.

How to know more about the processes?

Even if they look strange, it is easy to find the information regarding those processes and find out their exact purpose. Some of your programs in the computer are set to launch automatically at set up and so some of the processes are related to them. for this, you should set the program for not launching at set up. For example, the process ehtray.exe is related to the windows media center and so, it will definitely run in the background during start up. The process ekrn.exe is related to ESET Antivirus and so if you have this program installed, it will also run definitely. The process explorer.exe is related to windows explorer and is very important but sometimes it can also be a virus. Likewise, you need to find the purposes of all the other processes including fabs.exe, facebookupdate.exe and fsusbexservice.exe

Terminating unnecessary processes

To increase the startup time, it is important to terminate the processes which are not needed by the computer. For this, you will have to find the information regarding all of them and determine whether you need them or not. Some are important for proper functioning of the system likeielowutil.exe, groovemonitor.exe, grpconv.exe, helppane.exe, hidfind.exe, hkcmd.exe and hpdskflt.sys while others are only related to the programs installed on the computer like hpqtoaster.exe, hpqwmiex.exe, iexplore.exe, ifrmewrk.exe and iastor.sys.

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