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Maintaining your computer

The first step you should take to ensure proper maintenance of the computer is to dig into all the details and figure out whether there are any viruses and Trojans in the computer. Also, you need to find out whether there are any processes that are taking too much of your computerís resources and are making it slow. For this, you need to open the process manager which will give you a long list of strange name like daemonu.exe, df.exe, distnoted.exe, dot1xcfg.exe, driver.exe, dw20.exe, dwm.exe and others.

Why is it important to know about these?

They may look strange to you but it is very important to know more about them and find out what each process is meant for before you take any action. You donít need to call a technician for this as you can easily research online and find out the purpose of each. It is important to know what the processes ehtray.exe, ekrn.exe, explorer.exe, fabs.exe and facebookupdate.exe are doing on your computer. You can read the description also to find out the purpose for example fsusbexservice.exe is related to a software named Samsung PC studio.

Start up processes

If your system takes ages to start up, it may be because of the dozens of startup processes running in the background. For this, it is important that you find all the startup processes which may include funshioninstall.exe, groovemonitor.exe, grpconv.exe, helppane.exe, hidfind.exe, hkcmd.exe, hpdskflt.sys and others and find out whether you need them or if they are integral or not.

For this reason, it is important to know about these processes in detail. The good thing is, you can easily find the information regarding the processes. When you see the list which may look like hpqtoaster.exe, hpqwmiex.exe, hrfscore.exe, http_ss_win_pro.exe and iastor.sys you need to look at the description given along with the list or you need to research online for it.

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