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Explaining Windows Processes

When you are shown a big list of windows processes, you might get overwhelmed by the strange names. the list might look like distnoted.exe, dot1xcfg.exe, driver.exe, dw20.exe, dwm.exe and others.

Description of some of the processes

The process ehtray.exe is related to the windows media center. The process ekrn.exe is related to ESET Antivirus. The process explorer.exe is related to windows explorer. The process fabs.exe is related to a program MAGIX Internet Security; facebookupdate.exe is responsible for updating Facebook; fsusbexservice.exe is related to the program Samsung New PC Studio; ielowutil.exe is related to the security when running internet explorer; groovemonitor.exe is important for proper running of the Microsoft programs; grpconv.exe is related to an important Windows tool that makes files compatible with the new version of windows; helppane.exe runs the help and support system in Windows Vista; and hidfind.exe is related to Alps Pointing Device Driver. You can tell from these processes whether you need them or not. Some processes like hkcmd.exe, hpdskflt.sys, hpqtoaster.exe, hpqwmiex.exe, iexplore.exe, ifrmewrk.exe, iastor.sys, igfxpers.exe, igfxtray.exe, ipoint.exe are not needed crucially in the computer while others are needed and so, should not be terminated in any case.

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